09 February 2012

2011: A Self-Retrospective in Numbers

Looking back at my writerly productivity for the year of 2011. In 2011 I...

Published 4 games.
("Delusions Again"
"Whitterscap's Key"
"The Crooked Estate"
"Attack of Doc Lobster's Mutant Menagerie of Horror")

Organized 1 successful IF competition.
(Ectocomp 2011, which we finally opened to non-ADRIFT entries)
Beta-tested 2 games.
("Brain Dead Weekend"

Received special thanks in 2 games.
("In Memory"
"Back Home")

Wrote ~27 IF reviews.
(on IFDB and the ADRIFT website)

Got 1 reward for IF reviewing.
(1st place in ADRIFT Review Comp 2011)

Got 2 rewards for my games.
(2nd place in Ectocomp 2011, w/ Doc Lobster
... and 1st to "The Crooked Estate" as only entry?)

Wrote 12 works of short prose fiction.
("A Heavy Pack"
"A Ruined House"
"Brochure Found Near Storm Drain"
"Jabeld's Casket" ["The Black Pillars"]
"Laserman Vs. Dash Dervish & the Tornado Machine"
"One Estate, As Left by Owners"
"Pennies of Doom"
"Teiselwalk's Bridge"
"The Damned Cat"
"The Last Laugh at Signus Station"
"The Pendant of Zeklin Kha"
"Underneath the Cemetery")

Made 27 submissions to publishers.

Published 6 short prose fictions.
("A Ruined House"
"One Estate, As Left by Owners"
"Underneath the Cemetery"
"Brochure Found by Storm Drain"
"The Pendant of Zeklin Kha"
"Pennies of Doom")

Successfully requested 2 misprinted stories be fixed.
("The Pendant of Zeklin Kha"
"Pennies of Doom")

Successfully had 2 continually misprinted stories taken down.
("The Pendant of Zeklin Kha"
"Pennies of Doom")

... overall, a good year?